SEIWA Dormitory

  • Man and woman common use

  • Single room type

It is the nearest dormitory from the school! All equipments are set in a room.

It takes only five minutes to school by bicycle. You can use your washing machine any time you want as it is set in your room.

7-6-20, Naka-Kasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo


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Indoor equipment

  • Kitchen

  • A toilet and bath separation

  • Washing machine

  • Refrigerator

  • Desk & Chair

  • Storage

  • Bed

  • Air conditioning

  • Internet environment

※1:When you get cooking utensils, do not forget to set appliance for IH correspondence.
※2:Smoking is permitted only at your private room.

  • Kitchen

  • Bath

  • Private room

  • Private room

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