Our privacy policies

Jikei-space co, ltd( including student Heim of head quarter of student dormitory, head quarter of Associate, Student Heim of headquarter of Kasai student dormitory, Fukuoka branch of Student Heim, Fukuoka branch of Associate, Hokkaido office) promises to preserve your personal information safely and correctly as our primal task under the “law of preserving personal information” and we decide “ basic principles of how to keep private information” under the related guide lines under the law. We promise that all of our staffs will keep these rules.
Final revise on 1st April

Jikei-space co. is a licensee of TRUSTe privacy program. This statement of privacy opens its contents of how to preserve privacy for users of web-site of Jikei-space co.
The mission of TRUSTe is to construct trust and reliance of internet users by promoting fair information use. We agree to open the state of our web-site to show whether our promise is kept, and TRUSTe has a right to our conditions of our state of use adequate or not to realize our promise.
This web-site agree to inform below to all of you by indicating the mark of TRUSTe.

  1. On what kind of personal or third person’s information are collected by you through this web-site.
  2. On by what kind of organization are information collected.
  3. On how these information used
  4. On with whom these information shared.
  5. On what kind of selections for you to have about collection, usage and distribution of these information
  6. On what kind of ways of protections has been done not to lost, misuse, or change under the control of Jikei-space co.
  7. On how you can correct your unreal parts about your information

The case you conclude that we do not keep our promise under the control of Privacy statements indicated in this web-site, let me know it to our committee of preserving personal information of Jikei-space co. by using west@sp.jikei.com. And the case you do no informed that we received your e-mail, or you do not satisfy their correspondence, please contact to TRUSTe. We will contact to web-site runner in front of you

On personal information and their usage

We Jikei-space co, share and serve private information to the third party under the ways of the privacy statements. And collecting information, we use several ways including through web-site.

◆Request for information and inquiry
You can ask us about data of our dormitories through our applying form on the web-site. You will be asked to answer your addresses (name, e-mail address, address, birthday date, school you want to enter etc.) . We assure you that we use the information only for your reply and sending you our information by using your submitted sources. We assure you that we never use your private information except your declared one.
◆Cookie and web-beacon
There is a possibility of using cookie or web-beacon tools that sometimes cannot recognize even person himself (herself). Then your collected statistical data will be used to improve web-sites to give you better services. Cookie and web-beacon is used not for collecting personal information but only for recognizing user’s computers or to count number of access to our site
◆On log-file
Our web-site uses log-file for controlling our web-site and collecting statistical information to analyze inclination of users. Theis collected information never link to private information.

On links

Though our web-site includes link from other sites, we are not responsible for dealing private information from other sites. So we are only responsible for information collected through our site. We recommend you to read all linked privacy statements.

Share of information

The case we ask outside companies about private information processing or mailing etc., we select safe companies where enough protection of private information ,and we assure you that we take our most care to keep person’s privacy and are willing to make a contract to keep same state of information preservation of ours with company outside..

On safety

We are doing reasonable protection system to maintain your private information as correct and newest, and avoid not permitted access, not lost, broken, re-write, or leaked information. When all of you submit your important information to us, we protect them not only in online but also off line. We set committee of preserving private information preservation to deal your private information, and we maintain and keep them adequate under the direction of in charge of personal information management. Only our staffs required to know to perform their business can access your information. And we hold educational meeting to recognize an importance of privacy and to assure the protection of private information. Our servers where private information is kept in safe condition under the control of security company.

The supplement of information

We are strictly prohibited to add any information by third person to one’s information.

Your choice and opt out

The users of our web-site can have the chance of apt out at the point of our request to use your information. For example, users who want to get information from ours but not from others can inform it to our committee of preserving private information through e-mail, telephone, post mail etc. We will stop sending information that you are not needed as soon as possible.

Openness, adjustment and stop using on personal information

The case you refer the personal information of yourself, changing your address, or the case you do not want to have our services anymore, we will open or change (renew ) or stop using.
You can ask us these offer through e-mail, by telephone or letter to our committee of preserving personal information.

To open information under the law

We do not open any personal information without agreement of person himself(herself). But the case we were asked to open under the law, we necessarily open it to government, local self-governing body, law court or any international organizations of law.

Changing of treating personal information

The case we are going to change our principle of preserving private information or privacy statements, we will inform you through this web-site.
We are going to use information basically under the privacy statements of when information are collected, but the case we are going to use with different ways of collecting day, we tell you about them through web-site for you to possible to choose whether you agree or not.

○ Inquiries or complaints below
Jikei 2nd building 4F 1-11-30 shimanouchi Chuou-ku, Osaka
Committee of preserving personal information, Jikei-space co,ltd.

Basic principles of how to preserve personal information

Head quarter of Jikei-gakuen group
Committee of preserving personal information

1. On collecting, using and how to serve personal information
When we collect private information, we make it clear for what purposes we are going to, and we limit to collect and use within them, and keep them adequately. And we do not use them without under permission of himself(herself).
2. Preserving and correcting personal information
We protect risks of illegal access, lost private information, destruction , re-write, or leak etc. by setting safety and protecting measures from the standing points of both systems and organization.
3. Preserving rules or norms on private information
We preserve rules or norms on private information to treat them adequately and maintain it correctly.
4. To open, change, and stop using personal information
The case of requests for opening or change or stopping personal information by him(her)self, we will realize it during reasonable term and fields after confirming one’s status and according to socially accepted idea and custom.
5. On practicing preserving personal information and it’s continual development
We set committee of private information preserve to practice protecting private information and in charge of personal information management to show how to behave and set rules. We constantly or occasionally check them whether they are suitable or not according to needs to improve continuously. And we also keep asking our principle of preserving private information through giving lectures , educational meetings.