7 Benefits of our student’s dormitory.

  1. Fellows who live in Japan Students from TLS are living. You can make friends by shopping and eating together.
  2. Reliable support system Jikei Gakuen Group companies promptly respond to lost keys and equipment problems.
  3. Smooth process of dormitory entry You will have a dormitory contract at school after you arrived at Japan. No guarantor or water utility fee procedure is required.
  4. Free internet Procedure is unnecessary and it can be used free from the day you arrived. ( Please prepare the LAN cable.)
  5. Furnished dormitories Air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, bed, desk, chair etc., are available.Equipments are different depending on the dormitories.
  6. Rules & Manners We will teach rules such as garbage disposal in Japan carefully.
  7. Free visit to internal medicine / dentistry If you go to the Keiseikai clinic which belongs to the Jikei Gakuen group, you won’t need to pay for internal medicine and dentistry except for medicine.
    ※Excluding short-term visas(because insurance cards can not be issued)